Fibromyalgia or Chronic Muscle Stiffness

Fibromyalgia is a problem that causes chronic pain in muscles and ligaments. The exact cause is said to be unknown, and it is said that there is no known cure. I'm making pretty good progress with my own symptoms, so I figured I'd tell you about the things I've done, one at a time.

Website with more info

Got an e-mail, said "Please come to my site, We are reversing all symptoms of Fibro and the site tells how to do it. This is no joke, just the facts, Tony. Nothing for sale.


I planned to check it out, but... I live in Ukraine, and things are hard to get here. They talk about acid being the cause, by thickening lymphatic fluid (or something like that) so it doesn't flow. If that is the case, than lack of fiber in the diet could be a direct cause. When you don't get enough fiber, food stays a long time in the stomach, often giving a person heartburn which lasts for several hours. Fiber makes the food pass through quickly, in a half hour or so. If the body is too acidic, than digestion is likely the cause.

Fiber is not in fruit juice or vegetable juice, nor is it in meat or milk products. Grains have fairly little fiber. Only vegetables, fruits, beans and peas have fiber. Found some new info though. One might try not eating wheat. Many people are alergic to wheat germ. White flour might be ok or it might not.


Some say that not being able to sleep deeply might be the cause of fibromyalgia. I suspect though, that it's sort of a question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Perhaps it's the hypersensitivity from fibromyalgia that makes deep sleep impossible. If we treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia, we'll be treating symptoms all our lives. Not only that, our treatments will gradually loose effectiveness so our fibromyalgia will get worse. Anyway, it's a consideration, and if we can improve our sleep, it will help reduce our fibromyalgia symptoms.

A doctor said that my daughter has a problem with her eyes. The nerves are larger than normal. This makes them overly sensitive, and gives her difficulty sleeping. The problem is genetic, so it is likely I have the same problem.

One special note. For me, I must lay on my side, exactly positioned, with one leg on top of the other. My pillow must never touch the head board or other pillow. Even the slightest touch will give me a nasty headache in the morning. Oh yea, if you get headaches a lot, it could be from neck stiffness. You can learn some stretching exercises for that.

Dental Amalgam (Silver Fillings)

I've heard a lot of people talk about fibromyalgia being the result of mercury poisoning from tooth fillings. The Dental Amalgam (Silver Filling), which are the most common type of fillings, are 50% mercury. Mercury poisoning causes fatigue, sleep problems, depression, and an inability to think clearly, which coincidently are also listed as symptoms of fibromyalgia.

So, I removed all my fillings. This however is inconclusive, as mercury can stay in your body for many years. I can tell you this though. I had a problem with my gums bleeding every time I brushed them. This problem went away the day after I had my mercury fillings removed.

Another problem I had, was a skin rash called Psoriasis, which seemed untreatable before, but after words gives me very little problems. The same medications I used for it before, wipe it out fairly quickly, were before they had little effect.

One last note on mercury, you might read somewhere that sulfur helps remove mercury from your body. Well, sulfur also allows the mercury to float around in your body, 'causing more damage and depression/anxiety. So, before you go eating a bunch of eggs, which are high in sulfur, keep that in mind. There's better methods. I haven't done this yet, 'cause I've been wanting to get tested for mercury levels first. Anyway, the keywords to use in your search are "chelating mercury". Remember, you want to get it out without doing additional damage.

Did the mercury test about 2 years after having my tooth fillings removed. I don't remember the units, but If I remember right, it was 3 on a scale where a 5 would make it illegal here in Ukraine to work in mercury related professions.

I learned, whenever you read that something helps with something... do a little more research and find out how it affects people with high levels of mercury. I think it was B6 or something like that, where they say people with mercury usually lack it, but if you read more you find out the mercury also prevents you from getting rid of it. In other words, your body has little control over it. To little makes you tired, and to much makes you tired. To much could be dangerous. I'm not sure if it was B6 or something else though. One of the B vitamins.

Perhaps it's necessary to not just remove the fillings, but also do mercury chelation for fibromyalgia. I suspect this is highly likely to be part of the problem, as mercury poisoning symptoms match fibromyalgia quite well.

See Mercury Poisoning.


I don't have perfect posture, so I thought maybe my fibromyalgia is caused by that. I've tried and tried again to improve my posture, to no avail, other than causing myself severe pain.

I went to a chiropractor, thinking maybe they could help. Well, it's a short session, and they they fear lawsuits, so they aren't very aggressive. I noticed no effect what so ever on my fibromyalgia problem, after several treatments, and didn't have a fortune to spend on it.

Now I live in a third world country. The health care is much better here, 'cause I can tell them I want something done and I can afford to pay for it. Anyway, a friend recommended that I try a massage for my fibromyalgia problem. They warned me that it was very painful. So, I tried it. I can tell that if you don't have the ability to force yourself to relax, it probably would be very painful. It's more of an alignment than a massage. Anyway, the effect was quite amazing. It helps me a lot, but it's still not a cure. I need to continue to get these massages, and they would be quite expensive in a wealthy nation, as they take an hour and a half.

Base of the Skull

I've heard that some doctors are doing an operation to treat fibromyalgia. They say it's a routine operation, although it sounds scary. Anyway, they say that some people who have symptoms of fibromyalgia, can be treated with an operation where they enlarge the opening at the base of the skull, as well as the neck spinal area. They claim that some of their patients who've showed symptoms of fibromyalgia, showed dramatic improvement, and some even cured.

Coincidentally, my massagist says that I have an unnatural bump at the base of my skull. So, I'll have to get that checked out. I have a feeling, that the doctors here might actually know of this problem, as they do seem to have much greater respect of alternative medical technologies here. Anyway, I'll check that out sometime soon, and update this page after words.

Finding a doctor that can diagnosis and treat this, can be very tricky. Depending on what country you live in, they might just flat out not believe in such a condition. In such a case, asking a doctor would be a complete waste of time and money. I strongly believe that a person needs to take control over their own health, as doctors do little more than guess at it.

Obviously, that's why you are here, 'cause you know that your doctor won't help you with fibromyalgia, so you have to look around on the Internet for yourself. Serotonin Some suggest that a lack of serotonin or other brain chemistry imbalance could be the cause of fibromyalgia. Seems to me that I've heard somewhere that a lack of sleep can also cause a lack of serotonin, so perhaps this could be a solution, but I suspect that rather it's just another symptom. Still, it could be something to try.

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